The Tyrannical Mods of Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow has been steadily declining over the past decade. It serves as one of the greatest resources for programmers all over the world. However fails to accomplish the one purpose it was created for, Q&A. People are becoming more and more hesitant to ask questions on Stack Overflow because of the hostile moderators, and this will eventually lead to its demise.

Bulgaria Election: How a Brand New Anti-Corruption Party Won – TLDR News

Last weekend Bulgaria held national elections, and a somewhat surprising result emerged in the following hours. A brand new, anti-corruption party had swept their way to victory beating out the establishment candidates. So in this video we’re going to explain what happened in the election and discuss if this means change and progress is in the future for Bulgaria.

Талибский спецназ / Почему простые афганцы поддерживают талибов / Как США сдали страну Талибану?

Привет, это BAZA. Я – Анатолий Сулейманов. Недавно на канале мы опубликовали несколько небольших зарисовок из нашей поездки в Афганистан. Показали интервью с одним из лидеров запрещённого в России Талибана, а также рассказали, какой стрит-фуд любят в Кабуле. Но все эти ролики были, так сказать, закуской перед основным блюдом – большим фильмом о том, как живёт совершенно новый, никем не признанный на момент съёмок «Исламский Эмират Афганистан».

11 сентября наша дружная съёмочная команда (я и оператор) пересекла афганскую границу. Кстати, для того чтобы попасть в Афган, нужно было получить аккредитацию. Многие журналисты обращались за этим в посольство, но мы решили поступить иначе… и просто написали в твиттере личное сообщение спикеру талибов, предупредив, что приедем. Это сработало!

В Афганистане мы провели 9 дней. За это время мы проехали страну с севера до столицы – Кабула. Пообщались с десятками людей: талибами, правозащитниками, женщинами, музыкантами, полицейскими, продавцами на рынках, наркоманами… Мы услышали настоящие человеческие истории. За эти 9 дней мы отсняли сотни гигабайт видео. И это были 9 дней, которые точно запомнятся мне на всю жизнь. Я хочу, поделиться с вами этими впечатлениями. Как говорится, заваривайте чай и устраивайтесь поудобнее. Приятного просмотра!

Prepare for Armageddon: China’s warning to the world | 60 Minutes Australia

The message coming out of China is getting louder by the day. It doesn’t like other countries, especially Australia, ganging up and meddling in its affairs. As we know Beijing is currently doing its best to punish us economically, but in the last few days President Xi Jinping has also ratcheted up the rhetoric by warning of the perils of a new cold war. A loose translation is if we don’t stop poking the panda, we’ll face serious consequences. Now it’s worth taking the threat seriously because Xi controls the largest military force in the world, and as one of his supporters cautions tonight, the cost of conflict with China could be Armageddon.

Next Level GitHub Profile README | How To Create An Amazing Profile ReadMe With GitHub Actions

Finally, your GitHub profile page is useful! No more boring profile. Customize it with a new feature! I’m going to show you how to create an amazing GitHub profile README and take it to the next level.

We are going to create the profile repo, add a file, create an automated feed of blog posts, YouTube videos, and GitHub stats.

We’ll use GitHub Actions Workflows to get our latest posts and list them on our profile.

Dynamic Programming – Learn to Solve Algorithmic Problems & Coding Challenges

Learn how to use Dynamic Programming in this course for beginners. It can help you solve complex programming problems, such as those often seen in programming interview questions about data structures and algorithms.

This course was developed by Alvin Zablan from Coderbyte. Coderbyte is one of the top websites for technical interview prep and coding challenges.

This course uses images and animations to help you visualize problems and important concepts. After understanding problems conceptually, you will learn how to solve them in JavaScript using Dynamic Programming. Even though JavaScript is used in this course, you will learn concepts and knowledge that you can apply to other programming languages.

Opioid Tragedy: Inside the Fentanyl Crisis | Ten Dollar Death Trip | ENDEVR Documentary

Opioid Tragedy: Inside the Fentanyl Crisis | Ten Dollar Death Trip | Investigative Documentary from 2020

With the world fighting a deadly pandemic, another heartbreaking public health crisis is raging in North America. A new synthetic drug is killing more than gun crime, homicide and car accidents combined. 100 times stronger than heroin, the deadly opioid fentanyl is cheap, potent and small enough to send in the post. These market forces have seen it replacing the heroin supply, spreading unprecedented death, destruction and misery. And, like all epidemics, it is spreading fast. The death toll has disproportionately affected the homeless and marginalized. And now, due to its strength and low cost, the drug is also starting to appear in party drugs, such as cocaine and cannabis – with fatal results. We travel to Vancouver, the epicenter of the fentanyl epidemic to meet with health care workers, activists, fentanyl dealers and people who use it. We learn of radical initiatives to fight back against a toxic drug supply and ask what the world should expect if the fentanyl epidemic spreads outside of North America.